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Acidic Cleaner Damage on a Black Limestone Shower

This black limestone shower was very difficult to keep clean. In the process of trying anything, the cleaning person tried an all-natural cleaner. The before picture on the left is what happened when using this cleaner. When I arrived I checked the cleaner with pH test paper and the pH was 1. Very acidic. Similar to marble and travertine, lime stone is a calcium based stone which means it will be etched by acidic cleaners and personal care products.

To get this shower like new again, the limestone was honed using Diamond Impregnated Pads to remove the acid etch marks then protected with HydroShield.

An appropriate cleaner, care tips sheet, and my business card was left with the client. The client was encouraged to contact us with any questions. A water treatment company was recommended to help minimize the minerals in the water.

This level of service is not out of the ordinary. It is our everyday way of doing business.

Does it make sense to start out in your new space on the right foot, with the peace of mind knowing your space will stay looking new longer? If you have questions, would you like to have a subject matter expert you can call to seek advice, or educate your cleaning people? If your answer is yes to questions like these, then tell your builder you want HydroShield before you move in. You want a HydroShield Home!

Granite State HydroShield would be honored to help you protect your investment, worry less, avoid the use of harsh toxic cleaners, spend less time cleaning, and enjoy your new home more!

Thank you for your interest in HydroShield!

Honed Absolute Black Granite: Is it driving you Crazy with Finger Prints and Water Rings?

You are not alone! Granite State HydroShield has been getting calls on this issue and have successfully helped our client’s keep their honed absolute black granite looking new and easy to clean.  For four years, this client was frustrated with their 4 year old honed Absolute Black counter tops.  Not anymore! The combination of the beautiful cherry cabinets and honed Absolute Black is stunning and now much easier to keep this way.  Here is a link to our clients Google Review.

First, an explanation of etch marks often appearing as water rings.  Etch marks are actually from acidic substances removing the stone from the surface.  The good news for granite owners is acid etch marks only occur on calcium based stones like marble, limestone, and travertine. Granite is not a calcium bases stone.  Water marks on granite are not “etched” in the stone. The reason the problem occurs is that granite fabricators only have access to traditional penetrating sealers.  Absolute Black, and many other granites are not porous. When a traditional penetrating sealer or enhancer is applied to a non-porous stone, it has no place to go but stay on the surface.  The applicator may try to buff it off but some residue remains. It is this residue that the water marks or other spots appear in. The reason honed absolute black is prone to show finger prints is the color black shows everything. On top of that, the sheen of the oils against the matt finish of a honed surface make finger prints stand out.

HydroShield can reliable solve these issues because we have a family of proprietary surface protection products.  We are not tied to a one size fits all traditional penetrating sealer. The HydroShield product that we use in this situation forms a covalent bond with the surface molecules of the granite filling in the microscopic valleys making it ultra-smooth, non-stick, residue free surface.  The surface cleans easier, water rings and finger prints happen less frequently and if they do, they are easily wiped clean.  Additionally, because of the covalent bonding, this product cannot evaporate. Traditional penetrating sealers do continuously evaporate.  This is why you may be told by your counter top fabricator that you should reapply a sealer every 6 months to a year.

If you have an upcoming new home or remodel and want love your choice right from the start while avoiding hours of fretting over your new space, tell your builder or granite fabricator you want HydroShield!

Granite State HydroShield, LLC!  What is the State of your Granite?

Topical Sealers Used in Marble Showers


The Before picture on the left shows what can happen to an improperly protected Marble tile shower floor. A popular topical lacquer based sealer was used on this shower floor. The topical sealer shortly failed and allowed moisture to collect under the topical sealer. Where moisture is allowed to sit mold will certainly grow. The mold was trapped under the topical sealer and could not be cleaned.
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