Natural Stone Care Marble, Quartzite, Travertine, & Porous Granite

What to Expect

HydroShield protected surfaces are not self-cleaning. HydroShield surfaces are up to 75% easier to clean because the dirt and grime no longer penetrate the surface, but sit on top of the HydroShield coating. HydroShield protects the natural beauty of all types of stone.

Easy-to-Clean Natural Stone

To clean your stone flooring, vacuum as needed.  Caked on dirt can be agitated with a soft bristle brush and then vacuumed.  As needed, clean with a damp sponge or towel using a neutral pH stone cleaner.

For stone countertops and shower surrounds, spray surface with a neutral pH stone and wipe surface clean.  For stubborn or build up sticking to the surface, use a neutral pH cleaner and a white scrubby pad.

For best results, use HydroShield Neutral pH Cleaner. It is safe for all stone and is anti-bacterial to leave bathrooms and kitchens amazingly clean.  We love our stone cleaner and know you will too!

Porous Granite, Marble & Quartzite Coutertops Maintenance Instructions

Congratulations on your HydroShield purchase!

By choosing HydroShield to protect your countertops you have ensured long lasting beauty, durability and peace of mind. Please keep dry for 24 hours after the HydroShield treatment.

Countertops treated with HydroShield are much easier to clean and do not require harsh cleaning solutions. HydroShield protects the natural beauty, clarity and luster of your countertops while still allowing the stone to breath while helping to keep the bacteria out.

Cleaning of HydroShield treated Natural Stone Countertops: Using a clean dish cloth or microfiber towel and diluted mild dish soap or Neutral pH Stone Cleaner, simply wipe the surface clean then dry with a clean dish or microfiber towel. 

Occasionally, contaminates may build up requiring a light cleaning with a white non scratch pad.

To remove something sticky or wax: Allow to cool first then gently scrape off with a new razor blade.

Cleaners that are safe for Natural Stone Countertops include:

  • Neutral pH Stone Cleaner
  • Simple Green
  • Mild dish soap

Do not use acidic cleaners (including vinegar) on your countertops. Acids can etch natural stone and are not necessary for cleaning natural stone. Do not use products containing ammonia or bleach. The use of harsh cleaners will void your HydroShield True Service Warranty.

Natural Stone Maintenance Instructions

Congratulations on your HydroShield purchase!

HydroShield is the future of surface protection. By choosing HydroShield to protect your natural stone, you have ensured long lasting beauty, durability, and peace of mind.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Natural Stone:

Floors: Please keep dry for 24 hours after the HydroShield treatment. Regular maintenance is important to keep the sealed stone looking good. Although the stone is protected from staining, the stone can still scratch and etch. The surface should be swept or vacuumed regularly to keep free of abrasive grit and dirt which can wear and scratch the surface. Spills should be mopped up immediately to reduce absorption. Acidic substances (wine, orange juice, soda, tooth paste) may etch surfaces if allowed to sit on calcium based stone (such as limestone, marble, and travertine) and should be mopped with a mild, neutral pH cleaner as soon as possible.

Showers: Please do not use shower for 48 hours after the HydroShield treatment. Use a squeegee or wipe down after each use. Clean with a neutral pH stone cleaner (HydroShield Neutral pH Stone Cleaner Concentrate or Clean & Renew is recommended) and a soft bristle brush or microfiber towel at least once every two weeks to gently remove any build up. Do not use white scrub pad.

Many cleaners, bath & grooming products contain acids. Please do not use acidic products on or near natural stone as they may etch the stone and permanently damage the surface. Also please do not use products containing bleach or ammonia.

Using any product that contains acids, vinegar, ammonia, or bleach on your HydroShield treated natural stone will void your HydroShield True Service Warranty. Please read all product labels carefully!

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