Shower Glass Care

What to Expect

HydroShield protected surfaces are not self-cleaning. HydroShield surfaces are up to 75% easier to clean because the dirt and grime no longer penetrate the surface, but sit on top of the HydroShield coating. HydroShield protects the natural beauty, clarity, and luster of glass.

Easy-to-Clean Glass

Using a clean cotton or microfiber towel, simply wipe the surface clean. If the dirt is stubborn, using warm water or an alcohol-based glass cleaner will make your surfaces sparkle.  If hard water stains are allowed to build, a quick scrub with a white scrubby pad should work to remove minerals that are sticking to the HydroShield Glass Coating. For best results, use HydroShield All Purpose Glass Cleaner.  We love our cleaner and know you will too!

Harsh and Acidic Cleaning Solutions are no Longer Needed

Many products available through suppliers and on supermarket shelves contain acids that can harm interior and exterior building surfaces, as well as the environment. Surfaces coated with HydroShield do not require harsh cleaning solutions or products containing acids. Please read all labels carefully as products containing acids or any combination of acids may void your warranty.

Shower Glass Maintenance Instructions

Congratulations on your HydroShield purchase!

By choosing to protect your shower glass with HydroShield, you have ensured long lasting beauty, durability, and peace of mind.

What to Expect with HydroShield

HydroShield protected shower glass will still get dirty. Any soap scum or water deposits that normally cause shower glass to get dirty will continue to make the shower glass dirty. The HydroShield treated shower glass is up to 75% easier to clean; the soap scum and water deposits no longer penetrate the surface, but sit on top of the HydroShield coating. Shower glass stays cleaner much longer than before. HydroShield protects the natural beauty, clarity and luster of glass.

Shower Glass Cleaning

Daily: Although HydroShield coated glass is smoother and the water beads on the surface, depending on your water quality it may be best to squeegee or wipe down your shower glass after each use to remove any drops left on the glass.

Weekly: Spray shower glass with HydroShield Glass cleaner (isopropyl or denatured alcohol can also be used) wipe dry with a clean cotton or micro-fiber towel. You may choose to use the white pad to gently clean then buff dry with the micro-fiber towel.

Monthly: lightly clean the shower glass with a white scrub pad and diluted Dawn dish soap to remove any soap scum or water spots, then spray with HydroShield Glass Cleaner and buff dry with a clean cotton or micro-fiber cloth.

Please do not use acidic cleaners on your HydroShield treated shower glass.

Many cleaners, bath & grooming products contain acids. Acids can harm shower glass. Products that include acid are designed to extract minerals and dirt from surface pores, fractures or crevices. Shower glass treated with HydroShield does not require harsh cleaning solutions or methods.

Using any product that contains acids, vinegar, ammonia, or Bleach on your HydroShield treated glass will void your HydroShield True Service Warranty. Please read all product labels carefully!

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