Care Tips

Do Not Wax your Tile Floors

The homeowners of this kitchen tile floor became frustrated with the cleaning person’s results and told her to try anything to make it look good.  Apparently, the answer was to apply a Mop & Glo type of product.   As you can see in the before picture, the grout is yellowed and trapped the dirt.  Granite…

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Acidic Cleaner Damage on a Black Limestone Shower

This black limestone shower was very difficult to keep clean. In the process of trying anything, the cleaning person tried an all-natural cleaner. The before picture on the left is what happened when using this cleaner. When I arrived I checked the cleaner with pH test paper and the pH was 1. Very acidic. Similar…

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Topical Sealers Used in Marble Showers

The Before picture on the left shows what can happen to an improperly protected Marble tile shower floor. A popular topical lacquer based sealer was used on this shower floor. The topical sealer shortly failed and allowed moisture to collect under the topical sealer. Where moisture is allowed to sit mold will certainly grow. The…

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