Topical Sealers Used in Marble Showers

The Before picture on the left shows what can happen to an improperly protected Marble tile shower floor. A popular topical lacquer based sealer was used on this shower floor. The topical sealer shortly failed and allowed moisture to collect under the topical sealer. Where moisture is allowed to sit mold will certainly grow. The mold was trapped under the topical sealer and could not be cleaned.

Granite State HydroShield spent many hours using a professional grade stripper to remove the topical sealer just to get access to the mold. Once the mold was exposed it had to be cleaned using professional grade harsh cleaners that homeowners should avoid. Topical sealers should be not be used in residential applications. Topical sealing products like the one used in the before picture are intended for commercial applications. Commercial buildings have professional janitorial staff to periodically remove and reapply these types of products just like linoleum tile floors need to regularly have the wax stripped off and reapplied. Stripping this type of product from Marble requires much stronger professional strippers than the common ammonia solution that works well on typical residential or commercial linoleum floors.

HydroShield surface protection gets deep into the stone and repels moisture keeping on the surface. There is no way for moisture to get under HydroShield because HydroShield does not sit on top of the surface. HydroShield is guaranteed to never chip, crack, or peal.

Avoid these headaches and costly mistakes by contacting Granite State HydroShield, LLC. Your surface protection experts. We are trained and certified applicators of HydroShield. The best surface protection available anywhere. If you are planning a new shower installation using any kind of tile and grout, ask your tile installer to not apply any type of sealing product and contact us to keep your shower easy to clean for years to come. Nothing like the HydroShield product can be purchased in a store. HydroShield proprietary surface protection products are exclusive to HydroShield applicators. As shown in the above pictures, we also restore problem surfaces to like new condition and protect them to stay that way for years to come.