Is a Professional Grout Cleaning Service Needed?

The short answer is no.  If your grout is really dirty now, a one-time professional grout cleaning will be necessary.  Most commonly, we use a professional grade steam cleaner to get the tile and grout restored to like new condition with little to no harsh toxic grout cleaners.  We follow the thorough steam cleaning with our high quality HydroShield color seal treatment.  As a result, the color sealed grout will be so easy to clean, professional hard surface cleaning equipment and toxic grout cleaners will not be necessary for at least six years.

Yes that is correct!  Our easy to use True Service Warranty for existing grout is six years.  No Warranty claim forms.  No third party warranty administrator to deal with.  You do have the option to register the warranty on the corporate web site if you wish. All it takes to receive warranty assistance is a local phone call or email to Granite State HydroShield, LLC. We will promptly and courteously come out and see how we can help.   Old school customer service! Plain, honest, and simple.

Often times the regular cleaning activity can be a damp micro-fiber towel or a damp micro-fiber mop that has enough pad loft to reach the recessed grout.  Worse case, a Neutral pH cleaner and a soft brush will do the trick.  If you find yourself on your hands and knees scrubbing, stop and pick up the phone!  We will be more than happy to help.

HydroShield Grout Color Seal transforms grout into a stain, mold, and mildew resistant surface. The HydroShield water based formula contains urethane and hardening agents. The HydroShield color seal bonds to grout completely eliminating any porosity to water while maintaining good vapor transmission.

Please consider us for the best tile and grout cleaning service available.

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