Shower Glass Restoration and Protection

The above photograph is taken from inside the shower.  The two glass shower panels are at right angles to each other.  The opaque vertical line in the center of the picture is the silicone sealant.  As you can see on the left, this shower glass was in very bad shape.  The right side shower glass has been polished and cleaned but not protected yet.  Once we fully polish and clean the inside and outside shower glass surfaces, Granite State HydroShield applies our proprietary glass protection on the shower side of the glass to help make it much easier to keep clean.   We can also protect the outside of the shower glass if need be.  As one example, protecting the outside of the shower glass is offered when hair spray is used in close proximity to the shower glass.

The shower enclosure is now the focal point of a beautiful bathroom instead of an eyesore.  We can do the same for you for a very reasonable price especially when considering the cost of shower glass replacement.  We can also replace shower door seals or even restore and protect the shower tile, shower grout, and shower glass.