Don’t Wax your Ceramic Tile

The homeowners of this kitchen tile floor became frustrated with the cleaning person’s results and told her to try anything to make it look good.  Apparently, the answer was to apply a Mop & Glo type of product.   As you can see in the before picture, the grout is yellowed and trapped the dirt.  Granite State HydroShield, LLC was able to strip the floor of the plastic like substance using a professional grade steam cleaner and then apply HydroShield’s Grout Color Seal.

The homeowners struggled with making this floor look decent for 12 years.  Granite State HydroShield was able to make this floor look better than new and easier to clean by keeping the dirt on the surface of the grout where it is easy to wipe away with an eco-friendly cleaner and provide peace of mind of a 6 Year True Service Warranty. 

We can restore to like new and protect these difficult surfaces in your home like tile, grout, granite, quartz, marble, shower glass, porcelain sinks & toilets, and exterior windows.  Do you agree it would make more sense to protect these surfaces when new before surface damage begins, receive care instructions, and an expert to call with questions right from the start of your new home or remodel?   If you agree ask your builder to have your new home or remodel protected with HydroShield.  Enjoy your home more, worry less, and save time with HydroShield.